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Top Best Offline Action Games for Android May 2017

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                      If you are searching for best action and online offline games for Android with high graphics then you are in the right place.

In this post you can get top 5 best offline action games for Your Android. This list includes best offline games for those people who are looking for offline games with a great story lines and high graphics to play on their Android devices or ios devices.

List of top best offline action games for android-

1- Stargate SG-1: Unleashed Ep 1 -
  A game based on the series with the same title. Operating Carter, O-Nile and Daniel you will visit various worlds and locations,  you will solve ancient puzzles and you will try to stop the tyrant Jaffa before he realizes his scary plans. 

 For comfortable game you should have good knowledge of English.

  •  the plot develops from the third person
  •  fine gameplay
  •  excellent three-dimensional graphics
  •  fascinating atmosphere
  •  qualitative sounds and music

      The memory of your phone you should have not less than 500Mb
2- Backstab HD:
The action of the game happens in the 18th century in one of the Caribbean islands.
 You are Henry Blake, the officer of royal fleet of England in the past, you need to help him with aspiration to justice and revenge. 
Use your dexterity, cunning, deadly fighting skills for defeat of the opponent and everyone who becomes on your way. 
In the game there’s quite big and beautiful world which has a set of traced elements, and for orientation in this space you are given a map. 
Also there will be a pointer which shows the direction you need to go for a performance of the mission. By the way, missions in the game are the most various - from simple, to carry a parcel to other place , to quite fascinating, to destroy some large ships.

 This Game demands cache downloading, but as different smartphones require different cache - you need wi-fi that the game could download               

3-  Prince of Persia: Warrior Within:
Having returned to native Babylon, the Prince finds out that supernatural creation Dahaka hunts for him – the transformation of the Destiny thirsting only one: the fastest death of the one who disturbed him.
 The prince forgot that during saving of the sultan palace, he inadvertently managed to break through the uniform Cloth of Time, having caused coming of the awful demon to our world … Our hero ventured to the most desperate step – travel to the past.
 It is necessary to prevent emergence of Time Sands. You are waited by a set of colorful special effects transferring the dynamics of the game in all its beauty.

●Old hero in new reincarnation – he matured, and became a murderer, instead of a very young adventurer;
●Opportunity to cope with two types of weapon at the same time
●Magnificent physics of game – movement of the hero are even more spectacular
●Magnificent colorful graphics
●the Set of types of monsters, weapons and huge locations!


4 -Bladeslinger -

 The game with the best mobile graphics which you have ever seen! Bladeslinger represents graphic opportunities which you have never seen before on mobile devices! Magnificent 3D environments and characters, dynamic lighting and shadows. 
You play for William Shlaston from Peak of Hammer, who comes back home after the war.
 He sees that his quiet town is desert and overflowed with hostile beings, whom he has never seen before. Go in search for William's truth and rescue small town Peak of Hammer! Exclusive touch management and many hours of fascinating campaign.


5 -9mm HD:

You are John Violent Cannon – the leader of team of cops who aren't afraid to cross through the law for the sake of performance of the work.
 Having killed his brother, a local drug baron, and having taken with yourself some million dollars, you ran into serious troubles.
 Now you have only one way: despite of the law to kill the leader of a gang before he crushes your team. You are waited for by dangerous work, so arm with guns, shot-guns, machine guns, grenade launchers, etc.
 You should take leaders of groups and informants alive, tracking down them in city streets and trying to make them speak in not friendly situation. The game is full of drive, has excellent graphics, quite good registration, an excellent postscoring and a huge choice of the weapon. Play with your friends and opponents online in Free game and Team fight made for 12 players on 4 maps.


 This Game demands cache downloading, but as different smartphones require different cache - you need wi-fi that the game could download cache suitable for your device.
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